Online Project Management Software vs Sticky Notes

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Online Project Management Software vs Sticky Notes

Online project management has revolutionized the way projects are managed.

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With the advent of online project management software and the ability to track and manage projects in real time using web-based project management tools, the future for project management tools like sticky notes, white boards and calendars looks pretty bleak!

In this video, Jennifer Bridges, PMP, poses the question, “why manage your projects online” and reveals how the early days of project management were “sheer hell” when it came to tracking projects – and how the birth of online project management software and project tracking software has revolutionized the way in which project managers and teams manage their projects.

She makes the point that ‘back in the day’ (before the advent of project management software online) when she first started managing projects, she managed her schedules, timelines and milestones by building those crazy big calendars and putting them on the wall. She also put her tasks on these calendars, but when a task changed it caused all sorts of dramas. She quickly learned that it wasn’t such a smart idea to write tasks directly onto the project calendars after all. Instead, she stuck pieces of paper on the calendars with the relevant project tasks listed on them.

OMG! You can imagine how elated she felt when Sticky Notes were invented! Ha Ha!

Want to know more? Watch this video on the benefits of managing projects online and how online project management software has revolutionised the project management industry (not to mention triggered the demise of Sticky Notes!) and then…

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