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What The…? PMs Discuss The Hertz-Accenture Lawsuit

The headline ( from April 2019 reads: Accenture sued over website redesign so bad it Hertz: …

Project Management Intro

Welcome to the Project Management Channel.

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Here we’ll give you weekly tips and hints in how to manage your projects successfully. It’s free project management training at your fingertips. Become the best Project Manager possible with these great project management training videos!

How To Talk About Projects on Your Project Manager CV

What should you purposefully include or exclude on your project manager CV? Here’s some quick, practical advice for your PM resume from two experienced …

Top 10 Project Time Management Tips Of All Time

Master these top 10 Project Time Management tips,

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Become an expert in effective time management.

In this short video, Jennifer Bridges, PMP, explains the importance of time management when it comes to project tracking, project planning and task management. Watch it, take note of all 10 project time management tips, and learn how to say “no” to working weekends and holidays.

Discover in just 7 minutes how to keep your project management schedule on track with the world’s leading time tracking and project time management software.

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How to Distinguish the Abilities of A Product Manager from A Product Engineer

We’re here to answer your questions!
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Product Owner vs. Product Manager vs. Project Manager Explained

Who’s a product engineer, anyway? It’s sometimes hard to distinguish between a product manager and a product engineer. In this post, we’ll have a try to figure it out.

Among one hundred and one job titles, the product manager is, perhaps, the most confusing. The truth is that various companies use various job title specifications, from the Strategic Product Managers to eCommerce or Product Development Managers or even all-in-one. Average people can hardly see any difference, but the professionals can.

Online Project Management Software vs Sticky Notes

Online project management has revolutionized the way projects are managed.

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Watch our expert explain the benefits of using online software.

With the advent of online project management software and the ability to track and manage projects in real time using web-based project management tools, the future for project management tools like sticky notes, white boards and calendars looks pretty bleak!

In this video, Jennifer Bridges, PMP, poses the question, “why manage your projects online” and reveals how the early days of project management were “sheer hell” when it came to tracking projects – and how the birth of online project management software and project tracking software has revolutionized the way in which project managers and teams manage their projects.

She makes the point that ‘back in the day’ (before the advent of project management software online) when she first started managing projects, she managed her schedules, timelines and milestones by building those crazy big calendars and putting them on the wall. She also put her tasks on these calendars, but when a task changed it caused all sorts of dramas. She quickly learned that it wasn’t such a smart idea to write tasks directly onto the project calendars after all. Instead, she stuck pieces of paper on the calendars with the relevant project tasks listed on them.

OMG! You can imagine how elated she felt when Sticky Notes were invented! Ha Ha!

Want to know more? Watch this video on the benefits of managing projects online and how online project management software has revolutionised the project management industry (not to mention triggered the demise of Sticky Notes!) and then…

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Issue Management: How To Manage Project Delays

Your deadline has gone whooshing by, and now you’re facing something far more deadly: a stressed-out team. A lot of issue management revolves around …

How To Motivate An Overworked Team?

In this video, Kelly and I discuss how we approach this issue. We talk about how we deal with requests for extra work when our teams are already maxed out.

How to choose a Resource Management Software

Wondering what to look for as you check out the resource management software options? Here’s a video that covers our criteria and gives you an idea of what …